Unit Lesson Plans

The structure of this site begins with top-level units, each unit containing about three weeks worth of class material. Go to each unit's home page to see a further breakdown into week-long sections and then daily lesson plans, along with primary source material and other resources.

  • From prehistory until the 1750's, the discovery of North America by Native peoples and their tragic contact with European colonists. 
  • From 1750 until the 1780's, the story of how the Founding Fathers rejected British rule and turned 13 individual colonies into the United States. 
  • From the 1790's until 1820, a young nation survives challenges at home and abroad, expands its population and develops unique regional economies.
  • From the 1820's through the 1840's, we see the Rise of the Common Man in politics, continued westward expansion and the first calls for reform. 
  • Beginning in the 1850's, we examine the causes, the outcome and the aftermath of the Civil War, along with the impact of Reconstruction on the former slaves.
  • Analysis of the economic, political and technological forces that allowed for westward growth after the Civil War - and the impact on the Native population.