Thirteenth Week: Manifest Destiny

The Manifest Destiny unit covers three days of class time (suggested) and begins with a look at the birth of the Republic of Texas and the continued westward expansion of the United States, culminating in the Mexican-American War. We examine how the Mexican Cession intensified the debate on slavery. Time period: 1840 to 1850.  

The Manifest Destiny unit contains two sections:
the Tyler and Texas presentation looks at the creation of the Republic of Texas
the Mexican-American War presentation examines the causes and outcomes of this conflict.

Go to each section's home page to see a further breakdown into daily lesson plans. 

  • During the Antebellum Era, population and economic pressures kept Americans moving westward - eventually resulting in the Mexican-American War. 
  • During the 1850's, the various slavery compromises became unworkable. A succession of weak Presidents were unable to bring the nation together.
  • The first major war fought during the Industrial Age, the American Civil War sees the end of state's rights and the beginning of true federal power.