Fifteenth Week: The Civil War

The Civil War unit covers three to four days of class time (suggested) and begins with an examination of the strengths, strategies and victory conditions of both sides during the Civil War. We then examine turning points, the final defeat of the Confederacy and the impact of Reconstruction. Time period: 1860 to 1870.  

The Civil War unit contains three sections:
the First Shots Fired presentation takes us from Fort Sumter to Antietam
the Total War presentation covers Grant's rise and the final defeat of the South
the Reconstruction presentation looks at how we brought the South back into the Union

Go to each section's home page to see a further breakdown into daily lesson plans. 

  • During the Antebellum Era, population and economic pressures kept Americans moving westward - eventually resulting in the Mexican-American War. 
  • During the 1850's, the various slavery compromises became unworkable. A succession of weak Presidents were unable to bring the nation together.
  • The first major war fought during the Industrial Age, the American Civil War sees the end of state's rights and the beginning of true federal power.