Unit 1: Explorers

The Explorers unit covers three weeks of class time (suggested) and begins with the discovery of the Americas by the First Peoples. Time period: 15,000 BCE through the early 1700's.

The Explorer unit contains three week-long sections:
the Discovery section deals with first contact between Native Americans and Europeans
the Colonization unit focuses on the New World settlements of the major European powers
the Colonial LIfe section examines the English colonies in detail.

Go to each section's home page to see a further breakdown into daily lesson plans, along with primary source material and other resources.

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  • Explorers
  • How the Americas came to be settled by humans and the tragic story of First Contact between Native Americans and European explorers, like Columbus.
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  • The settlement of the Americas by the Spanish, the French and the English. A comparison and contrast between the various colonies.
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  • Life in the English colonies from the perspectives of different social classes. How the Northern colonies differed from the Southern ones.
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