Eighth Week: Age of Jefferson

The Age of Jefferson unit covers two to three days of class time (suggested) and begins with a discussion of Jefferson's major first term accomplishments, including the Louisiana Purchase, followed by a look at how conflict with Britain over impressment resulted in the Embargo Act. The unit closes with a look at the War of 1812. Time period: 1801 through 1814.

The Age of Jefferson unit contains two day-long sections:
the President Jefferson section covers the major events of his two terms.
the War of 1812 section explains the origins of that conflict and the eventual winners and losers.

Go to each section's home page to see a further breakdown into daily lesson plans, along with primary source material and other resources.

  • The first Presidents set the tone for their successors. Examine the Washington and Adams administrations and their Executive office precedents.
  • From the Louisiana Purchase to the Barbary Coast and the Embargo Act - Jefferson's two terms as President were momentous in American history. 
  • After the War of 1812, the United States improves its infrastructure with canals and roads, allowing an American Industrial Revolution to take place.