• Source: "A surge in left-wing activism"           

    Progressive activism has surged since Trump’s election. 4 million turned out for the Women’s March in January 2017. Move On has 8 million members now and donations have tripled since Trump’s inauguration. The Center for America Progress estimates that over 140 new groups have formed since Trump became President.

    Indivisible is a national organization with hundreds of local chapters dedicated to helping progressive candidates.They now have a political arm dedicated to recruiting strong candidates - and then promoting them in elections.

    Compare this to the Tea Party Movement - at its peak, the Tea Party had about 650 groups, made up primarily of white middle-aged men. The progressive resurgence is being driven primarily by women. The new progressive activism is being driven by small individual donations. Much of the Tea Party infrastructure was funded by large cash gras from Koch-controlled organizations like FreedomWorks.