Unit Lesson Plans

The structure of this site begins with top-level units, each unit containing about three weeks worth of class material. Go to each unit's home page to see a further breakdown into week-long sections and then daily lesson plans, along with activities, assignments and other resources.

  • Course introduction, then a look at the origins of government and how the ancient Greeks and Romans influenced our modern institutions.
  • The creation and mechanics of our own Constitution and the separation of powers into three branches: executive, legislative and judicial.  
  • Overview of North Carolina politics and a look at state-level government - the place where most of us encounter government in our daily lives.
  • Introduction to basic concepts of supply and demand, market types, economic indicators, monetary policy and other topics.
  • How to find a career that suits you; how to find the right college (and how to pay for it) and what is expected in the workplace.
  • Learn how credit works; how to buy a car; what types of insurance do you need - practical advice for success in the real world.