200 point Project Grade


Overview:  you need to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of –

·      The nature of state government, in particular the NC State Legislature

·      The types of bills debated and discussed in the NC State Legislature

·      The sources from which NC State legislators get their campaign contributions

·      The economic background of members of the NC State Legislature



·      Go to WRAL’s “Find Your Lawmaker” page at

·      Enter in ANY address in the state you’d like to and scroll down to the row that begins with N.C. General Assembly

·      Pick either a state Representative or a State Senator- CLICK on their profile. You should see a page that looks like this:


·      Open and READ and STUDY all four of the blue tabs.

·      Find out additional information about your legislator by using a Google search, looking at their own campaign website or by going directly to the NC General Assembly website at





1.     Start a Word document using a 12-point font.

2.     Tell me about your legislator’s background and life. WHY did they get into politics?

3.     Tell me about your legislator’s personal money (you will use the economic interest statement for that). How much money do they have and where does it come from? Anything look strange or suspicious to you?

4.     Tell me who their primary campaign donors were (“search donors” tab). Is there an industry or sector where most of their campaign cash came from?

5.     Tell me IN DETAIL about a bill they are sponsoring (“notable legislation sponsored”). Tell me exactly what the bill does. Is this a good idea in your opinion or a bad idea?  Explain why you think that way.

6.     Find their campaign website and look it over. What are the issues they are concerned with? What are their goals for NC?

7.     Finally, if you were running against them, what are their political weaknesses? How would you attack them if you were their opponent?




·      Good projects will be at least three but not more than five pages long.

·      All the bolded areas in the Deliverables will be fully and comprehensively answered.

·      You may share the final version with me (email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

·      You may turn in a hard copy

·      You may email your final version (again, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



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North Carolina: Resources Day 3

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